I Can't Believe You Did That

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I was thinking about getting old....cuz, shit, I'm getting old. I thought about the fads people play into. I thought about the shit the generations before us thought was cool, and I thought about the shit we're gonna hand down to the next one.

(Shutter Shades)

On the real, how many of us had them? I did. In fact every single member of M.T. Bag had them....what happened, them bitches broke. Me, I kept it traditional. I had the white ones. I let Ace wear them, and they mysteriously broke on some other shit...He glue the piece back. Then I let M.O wear them, again, they broke. Then, at long last, on the way up to Wright State, one of Ace's little brothers broke them for the last time.

Skeem had a pair....He broke them the same night...they were a get-in-the-club-free-kinda-thing.

Fauste had an orange pair......I don't know how they went out, but they did.

Ace had a black pair, and a white pair. I know the whites are broke, and I think the blacks survived STILL.

We left the Shutters alone, we didn't upgrade to the ones with the lenses and half shutters....we left that to the newcomers.

(Holy Jeans)
I don't know a lot, but I know this much.....if a kid stepped into a classroom in the 70s or 80s with a pair of ripped up pants on, he got laughed at, his lunch money taken, and thrown down the steps.....Today, we buy already worn jeans? You can go to Good Will and pick up a pair of fucked up jeans for cents on the dollar. I don't do this often, but...SMH.

(Reality TV)
Shows that portrayed real reality, those were straight with me: Survivor, Big Brother. I didn't watch them, but they were cool with me. Why? Because that was as real as it got. When you add celebrities and fame into the mix, you no longer have a reality show, you got 15 to 30 minutes of bullshit. Especially The Simple Life. NOBODY, and I mean, NOBODY knew who the fuck Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie really were. Do a little research...oh, she made a sex tape, and she's an adopted daughter of a singer...oh....And it just gets worse, remember Paradise Hotel, Eden, Unanimous, The Real World......it's junk.....and there are NO signs of it stopping.

(A Yu-Gi-Oh card with a Poke'mon on it.)
This wasn't everybody, but it was enough for me to discuss it. So....Japan figures they make about 151 monster pet looking things and decide to make a video game dedicated to capturing them....then, BAM! TV shows, shirts, bedsheets, toys, collectible cards, toys in the Burger King meals, movies, et cetera. It's simple, give them something they've never seen before. Yu-Gi-Oh....a show about playing cards...make those cards come to life and you've got yourself a stew. Now we got all these swagger jackers.....Bakugon?

I remember when he was a fresh face, now he's starting to wither....Imagine when we 90's babies are 90's grownies and we're trying to make our kids understand how hot this guy was....they ain't gonna try to hear what we have to say. "Who is Eminem?" "They had white rappers back then?" They're gonna say some stone cold shit to us that'll make us feel much older.....Oh, boy! I can't wait.

You feel me?

--midas is Old Man--

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