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I got bored a few nights ago and decided to look up samples. Samples that I've been kinda stuck on lately are the ones used on The Blueprint 3. Ever since American Gangster, Jay-Z's producers have been coming out of the woodwork with the insanest songs to sample. The one that's been biting at my brain a lot is the one used in "D.O.A(Death of Auto-Tune)".

(Janko Nilovic)

Janko Nilovic and Dave Sucky are responsible for the song behind the song. If you listen to it...*if you're reading this from Facebook, you're gonna miss the video*'ll come to realize, the song wasn't sampled at all. It was chopped and looped.

This is usually where anti-Rap Music people go nuts. "He just took a perfectly good song and talked over it." I could see if the performer actually took the song and rapped over it in its entirety, but segments were removed and arranged, I think it became a good song regardless. Jank' and Dave mustn't have had a problem neither.

So, why did I call this post Jankiest of the Jank? It's like Janko doesn't fuckin' exist. You can find his entire discography HERE, but you cannot find the physical music anywhere for real. I was tempted to try to change my Internet to French and see if there was a whole 'nother Internet overseas for me.........

I got like two or three albums including the one with Dave Sucky......I can't find anything as crazy as the D.O.A sample, but it's still good music.........With the recent addition of Led Zeppelin, Three 6 Mafia and Jackie Chain, my iTunes is on swoll'!


--midas is "In The Space"--

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