I Laughed My Ass Off

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They have this website Lamebook.com. It's chock full of insults, funny status updates and et cetera that have occurred in the world of Facebook. A lot of people don't know about it. I find the shit hilarious. Here are some recent ones I found.

(This one's sorta blurry and black in comedy. I don't approve of domestic abuse, but to break into The Fresh Prince rap....shaking my head.)

(This made me bust out with a laugh....I would've never understood this if my aunt never worked there as a youth. On break, they invite you to read The Bible.)

(Truer words never spoken.)

(Now, when I first saw this, the caption wasn't loaded. I'm like, "It's a wax Superman and a chick, what's the deal?" Then "spiderman" showed up, and I died!)

(In his defense, the 'N' key IS next to the "B' key.)


(They ain't say shit about the lady crying in the background, didn't even tag her...)

People can be so cruel....

--midas is rollin'--

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