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(St.Xavier High School, 2007, Music Fest)

Man, I remember this day WELL! Do you wanna know why? Well, I was enrolled at SCPA at the time, and I was at St.X on a school day. If you understood the impression I left on this school, you'd understand that I HAD to come back.

I debated in my mind like, "Man, I shouldn't blatantly cut a day." Keep in mind, when I was at SCPA, I used to skip 5 periods EVERYDAY, either sitting behind these file cabinets listening to music, or asleep on the toilet in the first floor bathroom....

Ace Boogie hits me up like, "Yo, Music Fest is Friday, you wanna come?" Put me down for Friday!

I made my usual walk to the bus stop in the morning, but took a different route and was picked up by my boy, D.Bush, and Ace Boogie riding shotgun in the pimp Camaro....or was it a Corvette..yeah, it was a Corvette.

We pull up, it was like I never left. The same muthafuckas respected me, the same muthafuckas rode my ass.

Obviously by how I was dressed, you can tell I no longer gave a fuck in my SCPA days.

(I had no beats on me, so I had the band play and I freestyled raps and songs....entertaining at best.)

This was a poor Music Fest, though I witnessed history. My acquaintance ,Illycit, became the first rap act to hit the main stage. Prior to 2007, every rap act was sent to the Acoustic stage, which is where these pictures were taken.......BUT ask ANY St.X alumni that attended from 2004-2008. They will tell you of Royal Entertainment, they will tell you of "Suck A Titty", "Wartime", "The Drama's Pitiful", and The Apocalypse Demo that circulated sparsely throughout the hallways of St.Xavier. They will tell you about how we had the livest performance in 2006. They will tell you about Fauste and his "Crunk Juice."

To be young.....'s the mo'nin'--

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