"It's Ya Boy, Skrrrrrrrrrrrrr..."

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(The amphitheatre..my most favorite piece of architecture)

Why do I bring the amphitheatre up? The amphitheatre represents not only the ability to project, but the ability to entertain without skipping a beat.

As I was loading Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz and Field Mob into my iTunes, I noticed they had a lot of fucking skits on their albums....I've noticed more recently than not, today's Rap albums have like NO skits. Yeah, I would get pissed off if the album has 12 tracks and 8 of them are skits.....I hate that. Sometimes you gotta break the mood and chill on the album. I don't believe in exceeding one...maybe two skits tops....

A lot of rappers forget that they are still entertainers, and unless they are REALLY putting it down, you're gonna need a skit. Ludacris was perfect with his skits. Some skits you caught while skipping through the album, others were at the tail end of songs, he was perfect with it.

Take notes, rappers.

--midas is just sayin'--

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