Guess I Should've Seen This Coming

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I laughed my ass off the first time I saw this....

What was the last decade-ish about-ish? Vampires......The flyest of all creatures of the night, but dammnit, they fucked the concept of Vampires running. Vampire Diaries, Underworld, Twilight, and that one show from Showtime....I got bored of Vampires, I swear. I attempted to get into it. I bootlegged Twilight and New Moon. I watched 30 minutes of  Twilight, and those movies took up space on my computer for about three months...I STILL haven't seen those movies. do we kick off TwentyX?

 Da muddaphuckin' woofmayne?

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY likes werewolves. These niggas gotta get naked to transform to and fro. Not my steez.

What's next, ANOTHER Frankenstein movie? Another installment of The Mummy? Creature with the black macaroons? Familiar with Robot Chicken, any?

It's gonna be a wack year if this is what's ahead of us...

--midas has spoken--

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