"Just Popped Me A Thang"

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Hey, you with the face. Have you ever heard of this guy?

I got turned onto Mr.Chain a few months ago at Seth Boogie's house by M.O. He explained the concept of who Chain is and I got weak! I'm not laughing at the fact he is a rapping Chinese/Caucasian dude...I'm laughing at the fact he's a rapping Chinese/Caucasian dude from the hood....Alabama to be exact.

'Til this day it baffles me how such can come along, like Scottish/Korean kid or the albino lifeguard from the Skittles commercial. Doing a little research on Jackie Chain, you'd come to find out his life is real as shit.

Constantly moving state to state, his mom left him at 2, and he doesn't know if she's dead or alive. His dad kicked him out of his crib when he was still in high school, but apparently, he had so much hustle it didn't even matter.

I decided to look up a Jackie Chain mixtape when the song M.O put me onto, "Diamonds & Cadillacs", kept going through my head. I found DJ Ames Presents Instant Classic. DJ Ames is from the UK....The concept gets funkier all the time.....

My judgment: It sounds Southern indeed. M.O says he raps like Project Pat, I get a Juicy J vibe from him. Overall, I do recommend a listening. Features include Webbie, Yo Gotti, KiD CuDi, 6 Tre and other unknowns at the moment.

My favorite, "Dodgin' " with Yo Gotti. "Like The White Boys", and "Stalker" are some decent cuts too. He's got some soft spot tracks, obviously not aimed toward me, so I'll let them slide. Oddly enough, he has KiD CuDi on it, which blew my lid the fuck off!

I give kudos to the man. It's been a long time coming, but KUDOS!


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