Le'Truth(Biter's Delight, MUAH!)

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Everybody has stomachs, and we gotta fill 'em
Via a dead end job that is not fulfillin'
Take 'em back to the days when gas was cents on the dollar
You woulda never thought the gov' would put the rich in the squalor
When the corporate ladder is getting burnt from both ends
And it all falls down, I'm not seeing one grin
We need cheese, and I'm not talkin' Kodak moments
And we'll cut you short for it, how do you Nomads want it?
Or Vagabonds...........................dag, I'm gone
Ain't been there because of the path I travel on
I wasn't the cat with manner's that'll offend you
I came a long way from skipping bells in the men's room
Why did I do that? Because I was the shit
On the road to riches without the learner's permit
I never hit the books, treated 'em like women

Some toss two cents, me, I put my pen in
I wrote so much, I needed another hand
And the kiddies would boo cuz they couldn't understand
As for the ones that did, they rode 'til the end
Until I got tired of the attention, and distanced from friends
And that's a distance that continues to further itself
Regardless, I still say shit that'll murder the shelf
Don't sign me, they'll cut your jobs when I arrive
Lose retinas testin' 'em, let's go eye to eye
International craze, who's still sane among you?
I'll do work, name you game, then hunt you

Got bored....haven't finished...

--midas is honin'--

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