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I stumbled upon the most startling fact of all startling facts...

(Cookie Monster eats fruits and vegetables!)
Cookie Monster ate a lot of shit when I used to watch Sesame Street. He ate paper, he ate dry wall, he ate letters.....BUT NEVER ONCE have I ever seen that nigga eat a fruit. How do you call yourself Cookie that nigga Fruity Monster(no homo....haha, no homo). Apparently, this whole healthy campaign went down in the '05......excuse me for my lateness, I haven't watched Sesame Street in 10 years.

My point, how do you call yourself one thing, but do the opposite?

("Music" Television)

When it debuted, you couldn't not find music on this, without TRL and such, the only music program I ever see....or know of is AMTV. Other than that, Made, Jersey Shore, Real World, Road Rules....just because you play a little music in the background doesn't make it Music Television. Bring MTV BACK!

Do the same people even work here anymore? The brains behind Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack produce shit like Secret Saturdays and that weak Transformers series now? My issue: it's called Cartoon Network....why are there so many live action shows on the muthafucka then? Nobody wanted to see Andrew WK on MTV2, nobody wants to see teens do dumb shit...I WANT JUSTICE!

(Andrew Zimmern)
Ok, if you're familiar with the premise, the man travels the world to eat food from a plethora of cultures....However, every time I see it, he's eating some kind of penis or testicle.....worse than Fear Factor.

I'm done for the moment because I got bored midway.

--midas is Roman?--

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