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In case some muthafuckas don't believe how heavy I am in this music thing, I thought I would share with you my discography. This is shit that I have been a part of, produced, and done by my lonesome. Tomato muthafucka, ketchup nigga!

The Apocalypse(2001)--As the Ghetto Skeletons: Ka-Million(me), Skittle(Stuntman), D-Money(Papa Smurf). Cassette Tape. No copies exist anymore. Beat boxed beats....This was done for the simple fact that we had a tape recorder. We just started rapping out of NOWHERE, JUST because we had a tap recorder.

Bologna(2001)--As the Ghetto Skeletons: Ka-Million, Skittle, D-Money. B-Side of The Apocalypse. Once again, copies are out of circulation. Beat boxed beats. Bullshitting, having fun, freestyling.

Gunz & Magazinez(2005)--Mphamous(me) and Yung Thug(Stuntman). Cassette Tape. There's a copy in storage, I know! Produced by me. Stuntman wanted to make something because I had been making some hard beats. I had been writing, he had been writing, we just put it together in one night.

Life Cut Short(2005)--Yung Thug. Cassette Tape. Wherever G&M is. Produced by me. This was a few days after G&M, real shit. I wanted to hear what he sounded like by himself. I ghostwrote one song for him. I featured on it heavy, like Cuban Linx or some shit.

Mphamy(2005)--Mphamous. Cassette Tape. Lost the fuck outta this one. Produced by me. I made this with leftover beats I didn't want to go unused. I felt like it.

The Apocalypse(2005)--Mphamous, Yung Thug, and Burnz. Cassette Tape. Produced by Seth Boogie. This was our last cassette because we caught wind that kids don't have tape decks anymore. We did 23 tracks in the matter of two hours. We had no punch-ins, no ad-libs. Just raw, pure uncut, Hip-Hop. It was a hungry project that spawned many of our digital classics.

The Apocalypse(2006)--Mphamous, Yung Thug, and Burnz. Compact Disc. Produced by Seth Boogie. We took those 23 songs, added more, and cut some, and made a digital version of our classic. Two discs long.

The Regeneration(2006)--Mphamous and Yung Thug. Compact Disc. This album/LP was just a bunch of songs, done on beats by producers who didn't know us and we didn't know them. This served as a subtle sequel to The Apocalypse.

Vehement Nocturnal Dreams Come True(2006)--Empathy, Yung Thug, and Cashmere. Compact Disc. We adopted a new act from SCP, who appeared on like 3 or 4 songs we did out of the 22 on this album. It's very dark, and features production by Beatsmith, me, Stuntman, and of course Seth Boogie.

Large Miseries of War(2007)--Empathy. Compact Disc. Produced by Burnz. This was supposed to be something deep and meaning full, instead, it was the LP that housed my gimmick track, "60 Minute Man", where I freestyled for an hour straight.

Gunz & Magazinez II(2007)--Empathy and Yung Thug. Compact Disc. Produced by us. I felt the need to make a sequel to the album. It was entertaining music. I give it that.

E.M.C.E.E(2007)--Empathy. Produced by Yung Thug. I wondered how it would sound if I rapped strictly on Stunt's beats.

Prosan Khans(2007)--Empathy. Produced by Seth Boogie. I was writing crazy, and had to put it down.

Almost There EP(2007)--Empathy, Yung Thug and L.A. Produced by us. L.A was on one song.....this was made just because.

Weed And Hooker Spit Mixtape(2007)--Empathy and Yung Thug. Produced by Metal Fingers DOOM. We rapped on a bunch of MF DOOM beats.

Made In Cincinnati(2008)--Ace Boogie, Empathy, Shaun Fauste, and Skeem Da General. Produced by me. Music by 17 year olds for 17 year olds. CLASSIC!

Sp00oks&Sp00ns(2009)--Ace Boogie, Empathy, Shaun Fauste, and Skeem Da General. Produced by Ace Boogie and sometimes me. Ill shit, regardless of our decline.

....thing is, that's not all of it. That's the shit I remember. A lot of this music is gone, my other computer crashed. This doesn't include freestyles and beat albums....Can''t fuck with Third World, can you?

--midas is boastin'--

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