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I was in my mind....again. Thinking. I got something for you to think aboot.

Do you ever think about how little we value our existence...or the things around us?

Put it this way.

Say a man proposes to his lady, and they've been hanging tight for about 3 to 4 years, you know? Say they're married for a good one or two years before they can no longer stand one another....The woman will either throw the diamond ring back at homie, and he'll sell it, or she'll sell it herself, or whatever. A lot of folks take for granted the things around them. You heard the Kanye West song, you saw the DiCaprio movie, you know the struggle to get those diamonds. Think...someone's life was foolishly wasted so you could waste what they were sacrificed for. EXHIBIT B!

I'm not going to discuss 'Pac today...I just needed a dead body photo.....Anyway. Say a person lives a nice long life. Let's say they make it to 61 and croak before 62. If you think about it, a person can become a thing in a matter of seconds. When a person dies, they become a corpse, a dead body. Once held as an equal when they were alive, now just a thing, lesser than human. Unless immortalized by music, movies, or literature, a human being can go from that, to just a memory by loved ones. Saddening, isn't it?

Hard work going unsung. Despite how many times you have seen a movie, do you realize you've only watched 80% of it? When you go to the theatre, you don't stick around for the credits, do you? As soon as the screen goes black and white text appears, half the audience is in the parking lot already. Nobody knows about the auditioning, the editing, the gaffing, the key gripping, the best boying, the catering....need I go on? These blockbuster films take ages to perfect, and they become just another pop culture reference years down the line. It's crazy.

NaS is constantly recognized for his "classic" album Illmatic. True Hip-Hop heads will give credit to L.E.S, DJ Premier and Pete Rock production-wise, and AZ for a feature....but most listeners will take the album at face value and just give NaS ALL the credit. Sure credit is given in the booklet, but when a rap album goes commercial, a lot of people don't care who's making the beats....Being half producer, I can tell you, though rappers do make the song what it is, they wouldn't do it without the producer's beat....

I kinda lost track of my direction, but do you get what I'm getting at?

--midas hath spoken--

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