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I heard some heartbreaking news not long ago. The Spider-Man movies as we know them are no more. Director, Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst have been booted. I think it has to do with the studio not being able to afford the fourth entry. Whatever the case, the original cast and their character development will be forgotten. They're sending Parker back to high school and starting over.

That's kinda stupid.

Spider-Man, in my opinion, produced the best series of movies based on a Marvel Comic. Point blank, the best Marvel based movie is The Punisher....When it comes to a series, the X-Men films were too long and serious for my tastes.

Spider-Man let its hair down, threw caution to the wind. A lot of comic book based movies have yet to bring the fiction to life, The Hulk, Ironman, Daredevil,  and Fantastic know, the movies seem like they were made just because other movie studios had license to make comic book based movies too.

Well, all good things must come to an end. I'm just glad Kirsten Dunst stuck around long enough to make a trilogy.

--midas is mournin'--

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Shaun Fauste said...

na, its because the script has been re-written four times and the studio wants to the movie to come out May 2011 but the way Sam had it going, it wouldnt come out til I think later 2011 or 2012. Na, Sony can afford it all day.

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