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I like routine. I hate routine. You know what I mean? I can do the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again, but I need variety in that routine. You know? It's like going to school. I COULD do that, but if shit like Snow Days, Sick Days, Substitute Days and such don't occur, I'm going to DROP OUT!

Hip-Hop cultured mofo's have been doing the same shit for YEARS and YEARS! There's a bunch of shit we need to say goodbye to if we ever want to advance as a civilization. Follow me....No Twit'mo.

(Spending every Monday, Tuesday, Humpday, Thurstay, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the club.)
I'm not one for dry humping ("we off that"), or spending more money on a shot than a bottle of alchy. I guess to each his own, but Goddamn, the club is stupid to me.

A waste of glass. A waste of Pink Kool-Aid mix. I'm convinced this is the only juice you need to be 21 to buy. This shit sucks, and looks like a giant bottle of some celebrity's fragrance. You would expect me to be a fan of this shit, wouldn't you? After all my blog is pink.

(Ace of Spades Champagne)
I still haven't had a taste of Cristal, but if Champagne is genuinely the same everywhere you go, I'll save my chips.

(Swagger Jacker)
Prior to Sucka Free, Playtime's Over, and Beam Me Up Scotty, wasn't gnar' woman calling themselves Barbie. Now, you can't walk down the street without Harajuku Barbie, Ken, Stacie and Skipper....I know too much about Barbie...

(Oh, so true.)
Fuck Rap Music. I can't stand another rhyme about a brick, or a bitch suckin' dick. Where are the songs in Hip-Hop that are actually ABOUT shit?

I kinda lost track on my meaning behind this post......shit.....

--midas needs a moment--

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