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I ordered some sneakers. I hope they send me the ones I requested...they ask that you tell them two more items you want in the event that they are out of your first choice.

These are the ones I want. I really need some new shoes, preferably black and white. I cannot stick to one formal color wardrobe wise....gets a tad expensive.

I made two hot beats last night. The first, some gangsta shit I sampled from Metal Gear Solid, I think if I'm gonna use it, I imagine putting Skeem on it, it's that hard. The second is some 1991 soundin' shit, I want Ace Boogie and Shaun Fauste on it. The hook is classic:

"Let's propose a toast to the host with the most/ Clink your glasses and pour those drinks down your throats/ Put your keys away, cuz you ain't gotta drive/ Just sit back, relax, and have a 'Helluva Time.' "

Just so you don't go and think that all I'm doing is playing dress up and shit....I got hits, I got classics. Third World=music. Catch up, niggas.

--midas is so full of himself--

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