"...Victory Lap, And I'm Leavin'..."

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Last night Third World Records was at Dirty Jack's. 2-Peat of Mad Frog. As you know, I don't give a fuck about a rapper, a producer, a DJ, a b-boy, et cetera.

I can count on one hand how many acts went up to perform that I actually like. I've grown tired of it. The morale is GONE.

The Hip-Hop aspect of it is dead to me. Hip-Hop is based on respect. We can't seem to get the opportunity to get that respect..............fuck it.

I may start looking at Social Security shit, and think about getting some dentures, and an alarm that summons an ambulance when I fall...and can't get up.

I don't wanna be booed off stage, I don't wanna be 40+ years old still chasing the dream.

Over drive..............or..........turn the car off........

I'm sitting in neutral.

See you when I clear my mind of it.

--midas is zoned in--

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