When Mouths Fly

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I absolutely abhor when words get misinterpreted because there is no tone or emotion behind them. This is the case betwunxt young M.O and me. Before it gets too out of hand, allow me to organize the events in my mind.

Oddly enough, the bad blood started from Jovi Rockwell.....M.O tells me she's his Facebook fan. I'm like cool. He's like I don't believe you. We get into a regular convo about his hunger for attention....settled. Later, he updates saying he'd like to make a classic song with her and thanks me for putting him onto her music. I comment telling him everybody jacks my steez....which they do, Ace and Fauste know what I mean.*Looks at watch, but isn't wearing a watch*

I update calling him jank for wanting to work with other artists for classics, but brushes me under the rug or hides me.

He gets pissed and updates again, calling Midas Welle out, claiming three-fourths of Cincinnati says I'm wack. No, three-fourths of HIS followers think I'm wack. Three-fourths of his audience don't know three-fourths of the shit I speak on. And I make beats because of this.

Isn't this the same M.O who looked up to my rapping, who rapped my lyrics when we did songs, who asked me to perform this song with him?  I don't give a flying fuck what he has to say, I'm not mad. I just think some people have forgotten who the master is.

If this is what he wants...

This is what I do....

I could talk a lot of bottled up shit, but why? Doesn't solve shit for me.

--midas is (cocked and) loaded--

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