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So....it's been a while....to me anyway. I've been working. I basically get paid to get hung up on. As long as they don't fire me, I should be able to stay there long enough to make a nice dough stack for a few months...my plan anyway. I've been reading, I've been listening.

There's a small fluke...okay, major FLAW in the American "SYSTEM". This system was built upon freedom and equality. The equality aspect is what I want to focus on...

I read up on how Lil Wayne will be starting his prison sentence this March. Cool, okay, whatever. I read that he has a few amenities whilst in jail. This guy will be having beats and such sent out to him.......Okay. A man gets locked up, but he gets an iPod...and I think they'll be letting him check his Twitter.

For real?

I've never been to jail, but I don't think niggas get computer time or MP3 players in their cells. Shit's a little fucked up.

What brings me to equality is how people act on the Internet.....Me, on this "blog", I type what I think. I don't talk in the way I type here, I'm soft spoken compared to the things you can read here.

Anyway! People don these personas, like they are king shit. "I'm the baddest bitch," "I'ma guap gettin' nigga!" "Fuck you broke muthafukas!" As far as I know, we are still in a recession, how can you talk about how somebody else is broke when I'm sure a meal isn't necessarily guaranteed to you. 

Why do these folks insist that the definition of cool is keeping the latest pair of Jordans on, or buying Rocawear clothing. "WE NEED FOOD!"

A small vent......

I've been making beats. Until I get the iPod, I won't be putting out large quantities, all this music in iTunes is slowing my PC up. 

Fauste is on my ass about beats. Relly Boi will not admit his defeat. It's whatever. I can't wait to get back into a studio.

--midas has his fingers crossed, and hopin'--

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