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Today, I am here to talk about music. That's usually what I always talk about. Anywho. 

I was going through a lot of musicians' catalogs. The self titled album is a concept I always figured to be a cop out. I hate when you listen to an artist and you find that the name of their debut is indeed their name. I don't care who you are, Aerosmith, Janet Jackson, Bob Dylan, or Chicago(who have thirty plus self-titled albums...)

Sure, it's about the music, but doesn't the name help in identifying which album to find your favorite songs? I wanna hear "This" by The-The off  The Album....but I forgot which The Album it's on. Could be The Album I...or IX, or was it LV?

I'm just talking shit.

Let's get creative....whether you drop the name out of your ass, please don't use your name...shit's lazy to me. Let's act like we give a fuck people.

--midas hopes his job got snowed in--

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