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It is the first day of February, a Monday. 3AM. I haven't killed anybody, and I don't have Timbaland behind me.....

(This is my new place of employment.)

I haven't had a job since the July 2008, Amish-wheelchair-4D-theatre-fiasco. Keywords make things seem more epic than they truly are. Skeem and Ace recently quit working here....In a sense that's a good thing...I tend to clown around friends in serious environments.

It's almost perfect to me that I start work on the first day of the month AND it's Monday. "Let the dollar circulate!" 

I only plan on making one immediate purchase because I am in desperate need of it....

(160GB iPod)

I COULD stick around and wait for the 128GB iPod Touch......I'm not on it. I'm still debating about the iPhone cuz I still want a nifty gadget to send texts with and whatever.....

So...the plan for 2010...I'm leaving the nest with a room mate, who will it be, I don't know, mayne.

Shaun Fauste was the first person to ask me about rooming with him in Kentucky. Ace Boogie wants me to come back to Fairborn when he returns to Wright State, and Average Joe wants me to reside in Clifton with him.

They all offer different degrees of a good time. Kentucky would allow me to meet new people, but I don't like not knowing where I am. Fairborn, I've been there for a year-ish, and it gets too fuckin' cold! Getting weeded and liquored up would come uber easily. Clifton is where my soul is! We wouldn't be far from Cincy State or UC or Baba Budan's or CHIPOTLE!!!!

I gotta stack my papers up, and I gotta think it over. Thus far, the sweetest deal is with Average Joe in Clifton....cuz I got a full sized bed in storage I am absolutely dying to sleep on, and it would be easier to take it down there.....Nothing final.


Music-wise, I am gaining more potency to what I say. I've become inspired by Lil Wayne's The Carter movie/documentary.

I've gained more respect for him as an artist, as a musician, as a person. That's a crazy lifestyle.

I'll keep the chips stacking, and when the time is right, I"ll...

(Let The Dollar Circulate)

No, not the Jeezy one.(NAH!) The real one.(You know I'm serious, nigga!)

--midas got money--

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