A, Yu!(Most Known Unknowns)

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I was looking for a new lady to put under my Chicks category, and instead of my mindless exploitation, I decided to shed Western light onto Eastern (something cool that gets light shed on it.)

The Japanese, Chinese, Singaporeans, and Taiwanese know her as "The Empress of Pop." Bring her to me in America, I'd say she was gonna play Kasumi in a Dead Or Alive movie.

Her fans call her Ayu, and she's like the hardest working lady in showbiz. Debuting in 1995, with 12 studio albums as of 2009, I'd call her Jap'-Z.

She released a single in '98 called, "Poker Face.".......hmm.

Most of her musics contain Japanese lyrics. She didn't release an English song until 2000. She's a chart killer, and eight number one albums.

She is now deaf in one ear...but she's still grinding.

I heard a sample of some shit she's made on WIKI. I don't understand it, but it does sound good. iTunes is gettin' kinda chunky.

--midas wants to go to Tokyo--

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