Biter's Delight(J DIlla)

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Drop bombs, I'm calm, sky falls on us
But before it hits the ground, I'm like, "Hold up!"
They wanna come and get the glory, I'ma need more nuts
I "redded" up the Blueprint that was sketched out for us
I'm not toying around, but I was feelin' a bit wound up
So I took that stress out and built an empire from the ground up
I didn't do it alone, those who took the ride I got 'em
I play commander in chief but I'm in stride right beside 'em
My favorite rappers, I used to imitate 'em
But all that passed, focus on the future generation
Underground like cicadas, not dumbin' down for haters
Wear no budging like a badge, nope, you can't make us
Take us to your leader, we recruit like pick of the litter
But we don't consider cuz they follow the followers like Twitter
Try to make me submit, cuz a lot have died pinning
It takes too long to get to me like the ninth inning

--midas don't want it--

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