Biter's Valentine

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I am thee, um, emcee your mother warned you of
There's chemistry here and there, but you can't see the formula
Snips, snails, puppy dog's tails? Wanna know what's in him, huh?
I don't think you deserve to know if you're pretty....dumb
Cuz anyone can get a shot of Goose and be hot as barbecue
But to chill with dude, you gotta learn the art of cool
No birds like, Moltres or Zapdos
What's bad though, I'd prefer Chipotle and rad clothes
Kicking mad flows over instrumentals conceived by love made
By me and FL Studio. Forget getting fucked laid
Forget what I just said....

I lost track of what I was gonna say.

--midas don't want it--

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