Steve Jobs Is My Homie

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So....I got paid today. I predicted $270 before, and $250-ish after taxes. $245 was the magic numeral.....I got the check cashed at Wal-Mart...I spent that entire fucker at once! $250+ on the 160GB iPod. Was it worth it?




I still got Middleton money. I'm still eating. I'm still working....matterafact, I have work in 6 hours. SHIT!

The cat who lifted me from work to Wal-Mart laughed because I spent it all. That's what I'm good for, spending money. Ask Ace Boogie, who was by my side when I spent $600+ at the mall in one day.....the good ol' days when that shit was cute.

Don't worry, I'll start putting away next check when that bitch is chunky. And as long as can keep bumming rides off co-workers, I won't be buying that iPhone anytime soon...though I want it. Maybe the check after next....cuz I need an account, and if it's chunky enough, that Les Paul Special will be keeping the apartment awake with bad frets and riffs.

It's a good period of time to be me right about now....Yeah.....


--midas just blowed it--

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