Deluxe Biter's Delight

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What goes up, it must come down
And when you send it on its way, it comes back around
Up-up-up-upside down those frowns
My brothers we are kings, let's get those crowns

Like a single father, it's just my boys and me
Loyalty's annoying me along with your claims of royalty
This is my divine right, and you are hindsight
I'm too bored, it's like I'm on my grind twice
No DC's, no EP's, put my long play on replay
It's D-Day, and I'm coming to your door like a sweepstakes
Cheapskate, frugal and I'm brutal, the feeling is mutual
Banana clip antics, I'll peel back and shoot you
Truce, truce. Surrender with the white flags
Black mags, feel the Vibe. Where's my mind at?
I lost it. If my head wasn't attached, I'd lose it too
Like a fro pic, it's so sick, ha, you do it too?
If you cannot relate, I suggest you never spit it
And everybody on the planet wants to be the best who ever did it
That's cool, but I'm the Snorlax sleeping on the route
On the up and up, I gotsta keep 'em on the down and I'm out.....

--midas is whatever--

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