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If you ask most of our generation whom the best rapper alive is, you're gonna hear a lot of Weezy F. Baby replies. You might get a dumb ass to say Gucci Mane or Soulja Boy...but for the most part, we know who the most potent emcees of our time have been. Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Big L, Big Pun, Biggie, 2Pac, Andre 3000 and the list goes on and on.

This post is dedicated to the Hov. It seems every word this man speaks is absolute gold to a nation of impressionable ears. You can take ANYTHING Jay-Z has said and live by it, or make another song from it.

Remember "Bring 'Em Out", or "I'ma Hustler"?

I got some Jay-Z hooked beats.

....but it seems that people didn't know real life facts until Jay-Z said them.

*SIDE NOTE* I just found Trey Songz's blog. It's called, "Further than I am." It reminds me of a quote from Jay-Z's Blueprint 2 joint, "Hovi Baby." The lyric, "They say a midget standing on the giant's shoulder can see much further than the giant. So I got the whole rap world on my shoulder, they tryna SEE FURTHER THAN I AM."

Anyway. Apparently Yo Gotti is cashing in on a quote. "Men lie, women lie." Which has ALWAYS been true, but it seems nobody knew it until it was said in song.

Another quote that comes to mind is from "Fallin'" from American Gangster. "There's a price to over doin' it." I would say this to Ace Boogie all the time, and now he says it too. It's funny to me.

I think Hov is also the reason why people are trying to adopt their own little "Swaggers" and "Ad-libs." To constantly huff and puff on microphones, and regardless it's a hit record. He's also the reason why niggas rhyme 'yeah', with 'here'. We ain't all from New York, now every new rapper raps with a Brooklyn accent.

Next time you say Wayne, think about what Jay-Z has been doing before The Hot Boyz.

--midas is.."Oh, it's timeless....HOV!"--

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