"Gettin' Ghost With Pac-Man"

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It just dawned upon me....the true meaning of Pac-Man. You just thought it was a way to kill time and waste quarters. No. There is a life lesson within the cabinet.

Pac-Man represents a person, easy enough. The little dots throughout the level are food, you need food to survive, right? Easy enough-er.

Ok, now, the deep shit. The ghosts represent regrets, sins, demons...the past. The past chases Pac-Man around. The power pellets that make the ghosts turn blue represents drugs/alcohol....or if you don't do that, um....a promotion, or a freshly mowed lawn....Anyway, Pac-Man gets enough courage to face his demons, and eats them.No matter how many times you get high....or high on life, whatever is what to get you will find you...and as a result....it will eventually be your demise. At least you leave your mark on the planet with a "high score."

The cherries, and lemons, and pretzels and shit, those are just the perks of life. Indulge, Pac-Man.

I just depressed myself. 

--midas is womp,womp,womp,womp...--

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