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Today, we shall discuss one the best AND the worst to EVER do it.

MC Hammer is the author of the first Hip-Hop album to become RIAA Certified Diamond.....If you don't know what that means, he sold 10 million copies of one album...which was the third album of his career.

Ok. Let's do a little math. I dunno the cost of a cassette tape, but let's say $10...you know, giving it room to breathe....

Ok, if approximately 10 million copies were sold in the matter of months, that's what, $100,000,000? The album only cost $10,000 to create....let's say he had to pay off studio time, engineers, producers and sample clearances. We'll chalk that up as roughly $100,000...maybe. Okay, roughly, Social Security and the state of wherever he is from, hypothetically, took $90,000. Alright, so with a $100,000,000 check. So Hammer has about $99,000,000 in pocket change.....

***Before I tell the tale that has been told so many times, lemme tell you what I would do with $99,000,000. I would take off my family and friend's families. Everybody gets their dream car. Nice homes. Nice little savings for everybody. Probably 10 milli EASY!!! $89,000,000 remaining...I would take 20 million and keep it for myself. Hide it under the mattress or a shoebox...Paul Bunyon's shoe box...then I'd put 60mill' in a Swiss Bank Account and the rest goes to foundations and charities and shelters and shit.***

Back to reality. This dude hired an unnecessary entourage, bought expensive jewels, exotic animals, foreign cars for everyday of the week...maybe year while we're fucking around, plating everything in gold. That would be absolutely cool if he kept going Diamond.

Now, Mr.Hammer is an evangelist and has a blogspot too, where he has an archive of all his Tweets. I wonder what it is like to be him, you know? Like....anybody who recognizes you as MC Hammer knows you done fucked up on some MAJOR SHIT!!

You live and you learn though.

--midas thinks the whole album sounds the same though--

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