"No Tuition For Havin' No Ambition"

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I've been mingling digitally, gripping an understanding of different people and how they view this world. One case I wanna talk about is women getting fed up with men and their dreams to rap.

I had to laugh at that...Today's generation is all about the "get-rich-quick-scheme." I can't blame us. Neither can you. If you're a man today, odds are you wanna rap for a living. If you're woman, odds are you wanna be a model or actress. I won't shit on your dreams, because I would hate for you to do that to me. I'm just opinionated as fuck.

Anyway. This woman said she is going to avoid getting into relationships with men who aspire to rap for a living. Her reasons: She doesn't want to come second to the studio.

I can understand her. The way I see it, if you want to be a big rap star, you really can't have the most intimate relationship because you're always on the road....The studio is only a portion of what comes with it. The way Third World sees it, quality over quantity. It would be nice to have 100 albums this year, but how much of it would be good? Everything that comes from Third World is hand crafted and molded to be classic....effortlessly. We just shit classic music, that's just us.

Anyway. I know there's another hidden reason she won't fuck with a rapper: what if he doesn't make it? I'm not good with the math, but not EVERY rapper that makes into the mainstream is guaranteed a Platinum plaque. It's hard to sell records this day and age...especially if you're garbage....but you didn't hear that from me.

Also, I found this site run by two writers from Cali'. They take random rap lyrics and shit on 'em, calling them gay, or pointing out how meaningless or non sense making they are.

But yo! I got some new shit for you to lay your ears on.

A white rapper from, what seems like the Rap capital of Ohio, Cleveland. There are no features from Chip Tha Ripper, KiD CuDi, Fat Al, or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but he proves himself to be a more than worthy emcee. Tracks I suggest, "The Arsonist", "Like That", and the 107 Freestyle over Waka's "Let's Do It"....he murdered that shit! Oh yeah, and "A Million And One Answers."

Other than that. I am working Rockstar/Gangster. I haven't really told anybody in the flesh because I want it to come from nowhere basically. No cover because I'm not worried about theatrics until I finish writing it. I got 5 or 6 written tracks, and it's got some really good music on it thus far. I think since I'm rolling with the concept of it being lonely at the top for a rockstar, I don't think I'll be hosting any features on this project. Trust me, you'll like it. I'm writing a tad more potently.

Last, but NOT least....do you spend more time on Youtube than at work? If you visit the Tube a lot, tune into M.O's channel. The M.O Hour is on there, along with the "Paper Planes Remix" he did with Moxy Monster.

I'll leave you with "Why I Think About Her?" because I featured on it and produced it, and this is MY site!

**If you're on Facebook, you're gonna miss the song. Why are you still reading from Facebook? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? HAVE I DONE SOMETHING TO OFFEND YOU, HUH!?!?!?!?!**

--midas has a lot of music and hasn't heard 1% of it--

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