Gon' Wit' It

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I feel good, even though I thought I was gonna die last night. I freestyled for 30 plus minutes. You know, exercising....felt like I played a game of 21.....three times.

Congrats to the Saints. You guys made me $25 richer!!! I thought it was over first quarter, but the Super Bowl virgins pulled it through for me.

The Who came through to perform. I don't think a lot of my contemporaries appreciated an old school performance. I thought the music was good, but not for this half time show.....where's Prince at? Or....Janet Jackson...

Also, I learned about that Jason Derulo song. When it came out, I always asked who the lady on the hook was...cuz she sounds a lot better than him. "Whatcha Say" contains a sample......Who knew?

Good weekend. Back to work tomorrow. I don't wanna go, but I get paid Friday!!!! "Woot-woot!"

Keep rockin'!

--midas is a mechanized drone man--

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