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I live in a country where our forefathers escaped oppression, only to claim freedom for all, only to oppress again. Dig? They told us we were all equal, but had slaves, they kept certain people out unless they would benefit the cause....What's more fucked up, a "celebrity" is treated like Jesus or God or Jehovah or Allah or Jah or whoever else people believe in.

(I'ma Beatles nerd...Beatlesmania!)

Photoshop and special effects make muthafuckas think those who have become celebrities are demi-gods of the sort.

I might be enthralled at a concert or some sort of live performance, but you gotta realize, celebrities are regular human beings too. They eat and shit like the rest of us, need water to live, you know, all the et ceteras? You slap a famous celebrity's name on something, you're gonna buy it, doesn't matter what the fuck it does or is. Proven fact.

The company who makes these grills were actually sitting on these grills for years before they made that ROLL from moving units. They said, "Hey, let's get a respected athlete to endorse us..." and, HEY!! The lean, mean, fat grilling, green, supreme, team, cream, dream, steam, machine, thing. Right? How many of you own one....or knows someone who does?

The reason I came here today: It's like entertainment isn't entertainment anymore. It feels like nothing's new, and if it is, it's watered down and WACK as FUCK!!!

(Bakugan? Can't get away from that -on ending can we?)
From the total of five seconds I've glanced at the television over the past half hour, Bakugan is the fecal matter that you get when Yu-Gi-Oh eats Digimon, and then along comes Pokemon, and eats everything right there. BLAOW!!! I feel like such a fucking grouch when I see my little brothers absorbing the shit they put on tv, and they relay it to me, I  CAN NOT give a flying FUCK! I'm sorry, but your cartoons suck! Getting up on Saturday morning used to serve as school on a weekend, now it's not even encouraged.....

(That girl from MTV Teen Mom)
I thought she was pretty before the baby....now I'm afraid she's gonna look like her mom......Anyway. When I was 12 years old, 7th grade, there was a girl 13 years old, 8th grade. At that age I didn't think girls were capable of having kids. She called me weird. I thought she was weird for being pregnant so young. Anyhow. A Facebook fan page has been upped. Loosely, "If I got a pregnant at 16, I would've got my ass whooped, not my own TV show." Which is true. It's like teen pregnancy prevention and shit has gone down the toilet. All they say nowadays, "Use a condom." "Get birth control." It's like being pregnant young is cool. Or at least being pregnant and white is. Minorities have been becoming teen mom's for eons. A white girl does it, let's make it a tv show! Knah'mean?

The double standard is a muthafucka ain't it?

I lost my train of thought! Whoops outta time!

--midas is not re-reading....so this may mean nothing--

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