"I Can't Go For That"

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I've been watching. I've been observing. Niggas got me on my shit... People do some strange shit...

(Surface Piercing)

Is that right? I guess people got bored with the regular ear mutilation, with the flanguses and tibulas or whatever. I compare the surface piercing to fetish oriented porn....you've ruined the art. The second you add urine and feces, I'M OUT! Just a bunch of balls sticking out of your skin....that's not gangster.

Oh yeah. In case there is still debate amongst who the best rapper living is...he's not American. That rules out your ENTIRE list, doesn't it?

Iced out for no reason, yes, but when Slick Rick spoke of people trying to sound like him, people were actually trying to sound like him. It wasn't just making up things....the illest storyteller he was too. He blended Hip-Hop, Comedy, and a sense of Consciousness....says a lot for 95% of today's rap game.

What else? I get paid tomorrow......I don't think I'll have the cash to properly buy the things I WANT right now, but that's all cool, see me on the 26th, bwoi!

(Les Paul Special II)

To keep it all the way gudda witcha...

--midas is tired--

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