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I'm hearing a lot of talk about this Diggy niggy. If I haven't already voiced my opinion on First Flight, let me do that. It's a good project, it doesn't suck......however, I don't see the boy changing the music game whatsoever, not with those songs anyway.

I feel like this, he was born into the game, basically, it's all at his doorstep, he doesn't have to pursue it. He's better than his father and D for that matter, but he hasn't said anything that made me go, WHOA!!!

Why am I so stuck up about it? I compare his youth to that of kids who have made it in Hip-Hop before him, AND kids who have been more potent than any grown man rapping.

The kids in the game we've seen, Romeo, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Kris Kross, et cetera. How many actually hit artist puberty and remain respected? Lil Wayne is the only one taken seriously, why? Cuz he was cussin' as a kid, he wasn't takin' NO SHIT. Romeo and Bow Weezy lived it hard as kids, and now, neither one are looked at as grown men. Kriss Kross ain't been hot since they were kids, and I think they have two albums post 18.

Nasty Nas, the best example. He rhymed "Live At The Barbecue" at 16, and shitted on every grown man on the song. "Street's disciple, my raps are trifle, I shoot slugs from my brain like a rifle."

Diggy is doing well for himself, I admit. Already on 106 & Park. I give the kiddo kudos, but I refuse to say the kid has bars....not yet anyway.

Now, get the boy on a song with Hov and see if he can hold his I right?...............alright too, Kanye?

I'm done talking rap shit.

--midas is still re'to go--

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