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Long time no see.......................................

Seriously.....if you follow me here, you might've thought I died.


I just moved from the boonies to the west side of town...closer to downtown and Alabama's Fish...closer to Clifton and Baba Budan's/Mad Frog....on a busline?

I've been recording. I have 13 tracks for The Wettening...remember that? And I'm starting to put tracks down for Les Miserables. You'll hear about that when it's coming....or the day it drops.

Y'all seen that "Window Seat"?

It's a beast!!!!

"Groupthink"....the message spelled out in blue ink after Erykah's assassination. Groupthink. Have you ever read 1984?

1984 is a book about a dystopia-esque society in the year 1984. The people aren't allowed to be a way. The government is everything, nobody likes it....yadda, yadda, yadda.

Groupthink, the thing people do and don't realize it......there aren't many folks who think outside it. Those who think outside of groupthink are considered weird, strange, odd, and any other similar adjective you can think of.

How do YOU know if YOU groupthink? Lemme help you.
  • If you consider yourself Barbie.
  • If you have swagger.
  • If you club hop every other night.
  • If you go to church and don't question why.
  • If you follow the Bible, Qu'Ran, et cetera without doubt.
  • If you were in the "In" crowd in high school.
  • If you wear clothing that is popular because it's popular.
  • If you live by every song that plays on the radio.
  • If you only listen to singles off of albums.
  • If you take politics seriously.
  • If you are content with the idea of The American Dream.
  • If you randomly hook-up, and still yearn for love.
  • If you Tweet religiously.
These are but a few examples of groupthink. I only seem to come in contact with those who can't I don't understand people who buy into trends, fads and bullshit.

My music is about individualism. The music I take seriously anyway.

Expect poor singing, interpolations and fun renditions on The Wettening.

As for Les Miserables, expect many rough love odes, satirical lyricism, and just plain ol' Third World classic music.

Be ready.....I'm gonna start reaching out to my Internet friends and see if they'll put my shit on their websites......If I can get 1000 downloads on each project, I'd be happy.....but that's aiming high.....

--midas is a spoiler--

P.S~Get some Kush & Orange Juice in you, and put Fornever on repeat.


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