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Okay, as of this moment, I stand at 121 downloads of this muthafuckin' mixtape...That's coming from solely asking people on Facebook to download it and having people share the link.....Thus far, I have heard no bad reviews on it. One cat told me it quote unquote, taught him how to be a man, or something of that nature....honestly, that wasn't the point of the mixtape, that's Les Miserables' job....but fuck it, HELL YEAH!!!!

All I wanted to do on this mixtape was show people, lyrically, ain't nobody on this earth fuckin' with me. I think the songs speak for themselves. As for those hooks, I was kidding, I don't hold them highly at all.

So let me get into the point of this post. 

What does The Wettening mean?

The Wettening is an episode of Invader Zim, when Zim and Dib have an all out water war....I chose the name for the series of mixtapes because of Lil Wayne's Da Drought series....Da Drought 3 was the first mixtape I ever listened to....keepin ' it me.....As for the Battlelion part, that's derived from "battalion", a squad thing in the army, I just made up the word to describe the cover. The tank is underwater....tying that all together in ye'olde noodle? Good.

The thing to know about The Wettening series, EVERY song will have "The One" in the title. I want people to be able to refer to my shit at any given time. The LP songs will be memorable title wise cuz I actually made those songs, mixtape tracks get treated like George Foreman's sons....all named the same.
  1. The One He Opened Up With Featuring Ace Boogie--It features Third World vice president, Ace Boogie. This verse, I wrote it to Lupe Fiasco's "The Coolest"...nothing big, nothing special.
  2. The One He Killed--This is Lil Wayne's "Street Life". I try to find any excuse possible to rap about street action, it's fun, it's gritty, people want it, plus I'm in love with the beat.
  3. The One He Didn't Play On--Hearing the hook on this one would lead you to believe differently, but I still felt I brought it on this one. One of my favorite Neptunes beats, which inspired The Wettening 2's concept.
  4. The One He Doesn't Like--I'm not gonna lie, I actually do like it, I just hate the generic ending to the verse.
  5. The One For The Cincy Girls--Verbatim bitten, rhythmically, from Charles Hamilton's "Brooklyn Girls", I like mine better though...hahaha.  I got a little feedback from this one, no Cincy girls yet though.
  6. The One For Your Mind--On Nas' "New York State of Mind", I talk about coming up into my own, worth a listen, I talk that bullshit at the end. I originally wrote the verse to Jay-Z's "The Prelude" from Kingdom Come, but couldn't find a decent copy of the beat.
  7. The One He Auto Tuned--NOBODY likes this song, except Shaun Fauste I believe....and that's cool, cuz Auto Tune is supposed to be I'm not very good at it....but I murdered those verses.
  8. The One With Average Joe--Featuring Third World artist, Average Joe, we bring The Pharcyde's "Runnin' " into 20-10. I did my Das Efx impression on it, then we do Spoken Word at the end, freestyled, by the way.
  9. The One He Lost--"Lost Ones", one of my favorite Dr.Dre beats...I lost my great, great aunt, which is whom I'm speaking on in the end....the verse was just venting frustration on people not following my music, it's their loss, right?
  10. The One For The Birds--I don't know what I was on for this joint. "Homecoming". I decided to "sing"...not very well might I add. People really like this one though.
  11. The One That Went Nowhere--Pharrell, "You Can Do It Too"...these lyrics were to originally appear on Les Miserables, but I lost the beat, so I told this repeating story on this beat....It's about a girl who runs away from home, a trailer park, raised by a single alcoholic mother, and meets a man, who impregnates her leaves, and she too becomes an alcoholic and gets ran out on by her daughter....see the cycle?
  12. The One For The Money--Busta Rhymes "Goldmine", I tell a story on if me(Count D'Muni), Shaun Fauste(Ed Marco), Skeem Da General(Kuqlehead) and Ace Boogie(Boogieman) robbed a bank. My personal favorite.
  13. The One With Pain--On 2Pac's "No More Pain"....sound quality is horrible, but a dope verse with HEAVY shit talk at the end.
  14. The One With Shaun Fauste--This was the last song to go on the feature. Biggie Smalls' "The What"....vulgar hook, but people love the song...
  15. The One He Enjoyed--Beastie Boys "New Style"....I love the beat, and it was fun to rap...I enjoyed it.
  16. The One For The Freaks--Too $hort's "Freaky Tales"....My second favorite....It's hard to move such a disgusting song, but the lyricism is at the maximum on this one...if you can stomach it, ain't nobody fuckin' with me.
  17. The One He Buried--Kanye West "Barry Bonds"....understand that title, Bury, Barry? This was originally supposed to be the intro to my first album, F,000,L'$ G0LD, but that got halted for these musics. My favorite hook on the mixtape too, by the way.
Hmmm...not that much of a backstory since I didn't produce it....when you hear Les might just fuckin' lose it.

I also found a lady I used to know back in the day, she claims to not remember me...I remember her family well, her brother is basically the reason I rap...and after downloading his appears the pupil has become the teacher.

Class is in session, bitches!!!

--midas is full of himself from one plateful--

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