Death of the Emcee

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I've been listening to a lot of music....not making it, but listening. I'm in a dry spell. Personal shit. I'll get over it. I always do.....I've been embracing rappers that the mainstream seems to like so much. Rappers that I'd never dreamed of going through their archives like a Da Vinci journal or some shit.......

These cats are, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman and Gucci Mane.

I'm finishing a download of 3 gigs of Gucci Mane music. Gucci makes me laugh. I respect him though....despite "Spotlight" with Usher, Gucci has NEVER done a song that isn't Gucci.....500 mixtapes in.

Waka, I finally see his appeal and the reason for his name. "Waka" is what you say to his music, as he does on the ad-lib track ever so loudly. He NEVER stops being loud. He keeps your attention. I read some Facebook updates where some bitches practically molested him.

Finally, OJ Da Juiceman........what can I say? Possibly a homosexual, and I quote, "Right hand nasty, left hand gay.".....and no, I'm not talking about Broken Equipment's "Right Now".....Culinary Art School with DJ Drama, nigga!

What am I rambling about today?

I am discussing the transformation of the average Hip-Hop performer. Rapping used to be about who had the tightest flow, best lyrics, and crowd control. Now....every rapper is a franchise within himself.

There's nothing wrong with that, but when you're a rapper, and you're doing EVERYTHING, but rapping....there's something wrong with this picture.....It seems to me, every rapper was a hustler, but not every hustler was a rapper. These rappers with their books, movies, video games, posters, clothing lines, drinks, and all that good shit....but why not put that effort into selling records....if you don't want to rap, get out the game.....Point.Blank.Period.

I know an entire roster of emcees, singers, and entertainers who would be more than happy to be in your position.

I guess there's nothing we can do about it's all more art....just plain, generalized entertainment.

Oh, yeah? Well, I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--midas is a fuckin' wreck..tell Satan not yet--

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