"Never, Never, Never, Never Change"

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It's been yet another while. I promise, I'll start trying to do this a little more often, I've just been.....not caring.

Let me reiterate something about the character that is Midas Welle. Midas Welle is just the figurehead to wacky thoughts Matthew Williams too craven to say in real life.

Haha. Okay?

Me. I've been drinking, smoking(poor 420 I had), and living. No inspiration to make music, but I'm sitting on a lot of it.

I made some African music with Seth Boogie, Shaun Fauste and Mr.Rodgers. That was fun.

I finally have a cover for the first installment of The Wettening. Wanna see? I knew you would...

Each installment of The Wettening series has a secret name only seen when you download it and put it in your favorite media player. The first one is called, The Wettening: Battlelion. 

This makes sense to the cover. The picture is of a sunken battle tank, it's in the water, it's wet...get it?

The "Battlelion" will throw MANY off. It's a play on of words from the word "Battalion". Because of the tank in the picture, I decided to keep it army, but add my funk to it. I take pride in being a Leo, Zodiac-wise, so Battle-Lion.

What can you expect from this feature?

The only features on this one are from Ace Boogie, who snuck his way onto my intro, Shaun Fauste...we ain't done it yet, and Average Joe....we took it old school.

I picked a lot of beats I grew up on or became smitten with in my life, that's past, present AND future.

Don't forget about Les Miserable though!

I haven't really cracked into this one yet. It SHOULD be done by now...but I got 5-6 tracks on session that need re-doing. It's gonna be nice, don't worry.

Umm.....want me to let you in on a rumor?

Okay, come here.....

I heard Midas Welle is already thinking about The Wettening 2.....he's thinking of theming it. This is what he's thinking.....
(The Wettening2: Man On Neptune)

If you're not a music head like me, you might think I'm tryna go to CuDi beats.....no, not this time. I want to use nothing but beats produced by The Neptunes.....wouldn't that be dope?

I don't know when I wanna drop The Wettening....I just need one more track and it's done....I could drop it first and then follow up with Les Miserable so the Internet's not spammed up....

Who knows?

Stay posted.

--midas is hard at work......what are YOU doing?--

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