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Okay, so it's been a quick week since I dropped The Wettening: Battlelion.....After hassling people to download my shit and having them share the link, within the first week, The Wettening stands at 152 downloads....that's without the super exposure of Goddess Intellect, icoulddietomorrow, Kevin Nottingham, and The Single Dame......hopefully next week or soon I can do some real numbers.

The network is expanding though. I got a lot of rappers who want beats and collabs...I'm going to film a video on the Blackberry for Les Miserables song, "Storm Out", then I'm gonna try to get that on channel 4 in the Ike Da Don set. I have a small article on

People seem to be liking what they're hearing...which is REALLY strange cuz I thought it was gonna flop....the only thing people are complaining about is sound quality.....Cool.....I LOVE IT!!!!

I just compiled another mixtape though. Songs that won't make Les Miserables and didn't make The Wettening:Battelion. I present to you, The Wettening 1.5!!!

Weird, right? Half Battlelion, half Man On Neptune......why didn't I put Les Miserables on the other side? Cuz B-sides belong on mixtapes and all that good shit. The cover is funny to me...if you're new to the franchise that is me, The Wettening 2: Man On Neptune is the second installment in The Wettening mixtape series.

Nothing but Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams productions on here. Mostly stuff from The Clones album, some Kelis, Clipse, and Britney Spears "Slave 4 U"....stay tuned.

Remember this?

The kid is just waiting on the features to fall through and it's done......I'm expecting better results from this project. 

The ball is rolling. Need more momentum.....


--midas is hustling--

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