Green Hat W/ An Orange Bill

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I'm not stunting the Datpiff numbers. A WHOPPING 8 listens!!!....but the cats you'll find me around, are on the SAME shit. Stop snitch'n, your average photoshopp'd madness....I don't not like y'all niggas, y'all just ain't really cutting, people are gonna think I'ma jerk.

Here's another example.

Tell me I don't stand out.

All I REALLY need is the right ears to catch it.....Then it would spread like wildfire.....right now, these cats are on the same shit......annoying ass DJ drops over the songs, using the same beats....I used beats 30 million other niggas used, I guarantee my selection was the most diverse though. Beastie Boys beats on the same tape as Waka Flocka beats????

I'm growing forever bored with new rappers.

Especially since there is really no interest in the making of a song. They make tracks with vocals on it......if it means nothing, you'll get nothing, right?

I'm done politicking....I kinda forgot where I was going with this.

--midas is...I dunno--

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