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I'm gonna try to clear the air. There are three states an artist/band can be in. Ready?

Mainstream, Indie, and Unsigned.

A lot people will argue Indie is a genre. I have to disagree.

Either you have no record deal with no fan base(Unsigned)....backing by a label or doing it solo dolo with little to a lot of support(Indie...Independent).....or you have videos on MTV, BET, and VH1 with all your projects available for $9.99 on iTunes(Mainstream).

So, what am I trying to accomplish with this pursuit of music.....ness?

Lookit these!

What's my point?

MURS used to be back by Warner Brothers Records or some shit, but has been Indie for the longest....Immortal Technique is on an Indie label, Viper Records....but Tech N9ne, I don't know ANY of his songs, but since 1999 til now, he's sold over 1,000,000 records independently....that's over the course of the career.

If you walked up to about 25 people on the street, I'd say 13 out of those 25 would know who all three of these cats are...."not so good with the math."

All I really want is the love of the Internet......I don't want to sell records (I can't, I sample TOO much!).

If I could remain relevant via the world wide web, get the music heard, everything available for free download, and get a gig every now and then.....I'd be satiated.....is that an appropriate usage of the word?

My fellow Third World chaps are really grinding.

Fauste is nearly done with The Midwest Coast EP, with an EP he wants to do prior to it.....Ace Boogie with the Some Crap Album, which is going smoothly.....Skeem Da General with Onli Kiddin Vol.1, which I'm afraid I will need to purchase a vehicle, for the sole purpose of riding through the hood to....and Average Joe with 7, the EP.....and of course, the artist formerly known as M.O, M.O Hour, is gettin' crackin' on The M.O Hour 2/Dr. M.Otivation.

I'm surely glad I'm not the only person thinking of making quality material. Les Miserables, I don't know when it'll be done...Hopefully late June, early July....whenever I get back off me ass!

Oh, yeah, Facebook knows, but not this maphucka.

I copped an electric guitar from the pawn shop....$60....she went for $250 when she was new, tubular!

I got it crackin' that night, bought picks....learned some neat strums...but I snapped her E string, then later, the thick E string...I learned I am heavy handed with the right hand.

I bought replacements....in during the homestretch, I snapped the thin E string AGAIN!!!!!! So right now, I'm sitting on 5 fuckin' strings.

She's a Dean: Playmate....which is why I named her Julie Woodson, after 1973's April Playboy Playmate of the Month....get it? She's a Playmate, she's wooden, and she's black?

******WARNING******: If you have never laid eyes on a naked woman, or don't like to see them, go check your email or some shit, dog.

--midas is...THE BEST BLOGGER ALIVE!!!--

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