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If you know moi, you know if there's anything that can bring plus signs to my ju-ju, it's video games.

I decided to sit out this generation of video games....but I think I am finally sold on one....I would've gotten a 360, but NOBODY I know likes to play Halo, and it would just be a waste of an investment....the Wii is fun, but on some seldom shit.

Sony's PS3 just sold me less than 20 minutes ago.

(I've been on this series since PSX, I missed out on installment 4...more reason to get a PS3)

(Twisted Metal has been my shit shit since #2)
It shall only be a matter of time til what, the Wii-Wii, the Xbox540, and PS4, huh?....if they call it the Wii-Wii, I'm going to die!

Anyway.............Shaun Fauste's Midwest Coast EP out July 1st...that's not a threat, that's a promise.

Average Joe's 7 in the works along with Skeem's "I'm Onli Kiddin'" and Ace's "Some Crap Album."

Les Miserables sounds better every time I look at's on.

--midas is thinking of a master plan--

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F@uste said...

that MSG: Rising might be the reason I play MSG and finallyd decide on a PS3

Midas Welle said...

Every Metal Gear is classic!

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