2Pacalypse NOW!

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I think I've been witnessing small, yet noticeable signs of the end of days...but who knows?

"When it comes, fuck it, it just comes."

So....I slept last night on some bored shit....I did NOTHING yesterday....it was sad....so I clocked out at 9PM...

I woke up this morning around 8ish-9ish to find out Touchdown Jesus caught fire and burnt down last night....

What's that? You don't know Touchdown Jesus? This is who Touchdown Jesus is NOT!

Notre Dame I think...correct me........

You can kick a legit field goal through here.....I had a picture of this on my phone...twas a time Fauste and I had a spur of the moment and drove to Wright State....epic road trip...except the part where we had to come back...shit.

It appears in the following video, nobody really cared.....I'd rather it be a $250,000 statue and nobody gets hurt than two big ass buildings and thousands upon thousands die....but that's just me....

--midas needs to piss--

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Anonymous said...

I'm mad the girl in the video sound so calm. Something that big being on fire. I would wonder how did that happen??

But I agree with you...I would prefer that over two building and mad people dying.

Interest thought about it being a sign of the end of the world.

Midas Welle said...

It was struck by a lightning bolt. Thanks for the read.

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