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If there's anything you could say about me, I take care of my artists, despite the stressful process, the B.S life throws our way and et cetera, et cetera.

Shaun Fauste is finally dropping his first feature via Third World Records/A Long Time A.G.O Music....The Mid-West Coast EP!!!!!

Many moons have passed since the ideas of Coolie High and Lust Complex were mentioned.

Let's run down the EP.

  1. Under--Utitlizes an instrumental, "Under The Iron Sea" by Keane. Sets the mood of the EP, letting you know what you're in for.
  2. Never Die(We Will) [Produced by Midas Welle]--I feel it's about originality, and how following your own originality will immortalize you.
  3. Happiness [Produced by Garrick Williams]--Telling the world he doesn't give a fuck what you think, accepting himself. Happiness is on the way, bitch!
  4. L.S.D(Love Shot'em Down) [Produced by Midas Welle]--Reflecting on a past lady friend, I believe.
  5. A.L.L I Am ft. Midas Welle [Produced by Midas Welle]--"I can teach you how to soar, I can teach you how to fly, but I cannot give you the wings." Basically, you gotta get it on your own, the right way.
  6. Voices [Produced by Ace Boogie a.k.a 2-1]--My favorite song...YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT!
  7. Fauste Spazzin' [Produced by Midas Welle]--Taking a shit on you before dipping, then disrespecting your camp, yeah, YOU!
Yeah, I know you're expecting a link to this project...........but it doesn't drop until later today. Stay posted, you'll get it, be patient!!!

--midas is..."Ah, yeah, we in this bitch. ah.....ah...."--

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