No Imitations

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This day and age, people take things at face value.....they don't read the ingredients, don't look for differences....they just seek ways to compare.

I was chillin' with M.O Hour yesterday.....he told me to tell y'al The Affiliates(BOY!) is shit.......

Anyhow. I was introduced to a Clifton native. He was like, "Is this another aspiring rapper?" I was semi offended, cuz you're automatically grouped with the butt niggas that make bullshit songs. I was introduced as a rapper/producer.....when those words come together, you don't get the compliments you hope don't get, "Oh, like Rakim?" or, "Like The RZA?"......all you EVER get is Kanye West....I'm guessing because he was the first super successful cat to do such.

I'd take it as a compliment years ago, when it was we're too grown to blush over being compared to industry cats. It's about personal identity.........I quickly changed his perspective when I let him hear "Good Times" featuring The Dropout Kidz from my phone.

All it takes is one chance and I'll wipe the smurks, grins and doubt away.

That's all I really wanna say.....and I think that's all I am going to.

I might just start making mixtapes like mad this month.....Music For Dummies is calling my name......remember?

Les Miserables is still coming, along with Pre Miserables.

I'm me Bob.

--midas is groggy--

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