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What have I been doing?


I got a few tracks to re-make-sound-good for Fauste and I should be set for a lil.

Other than that.....emotions are on drugs. I feel extremes of emotions. When the sad sets in, it's HIGH, when the happy sets in, it's cetera.

More and more every day, your boy isn't caring for anything. That's good and bad. I can't be hurt, but I can't enjoy the little bullshits there are in this existence.

Ace Boogie's mom and brother feel I need to get out of this mindstate. Average Joe says no matter how many times I seem down, he doesn't feel the need to worry about me. Fauste is there. I thank Third World for being down for me STILL. No matter what, we'll live happily ever after.

I've been paying attention to what's out here, out here. What am I seeing?

Fauste said Soulja sounds like that kid off of Malcolm in the Middle....the black one in the wheelchair....I agree.......Ace Boogie said he STILL wouldn't respect him if he sold a billion records.......sure his music ain't all that great....but if he sold a billi', you GOTTA respect that!!

What else? I just found out Maroon 5 has a new album. I'm anticipating Fefe Dobson's next shit. I really like her shit. She's Punk all over......uh........Miley Cyrus' voice still doesn't sound like it belongs to her.........I glimpsed at the BET was dece'......I got caught up on Boondocks season 3....I'm impressed, but not blown away...that jail episode was fuckin' hilarious........

The point of this post, before I forget.

I was listening to Wiz Khalifa. I like his songs, his beats mostly. I find he talks about the same shit, but if that's all he knows, more power to him. I feel the need to step up my musics. I'm 'okay' Fauste suggested, "tryna do better than good enough." 

I been whoopin' ass on Smackdown vs. Raw 2008....somewhat. We made ourselves and put ourselves on a tag team, "BussitOpinBwoiz." The insider of that, when I played the '07 installment with my uncle, he would always say, "Bus' dat hol' op'." Which translates into, "bust that hole open." It means make your opponent bleed from his head....that's what I strive to do in that game.

What else?

4th of July was fun. The 'works were pretty, kinda close, I nearly choked on Sparkler fake lil wifey acting all funny money, who knows?............All sorts of other shit.

I just may invest in that MIDI keyboard and start making song, songs.

--midas is outta here--

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