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It seems Third World Records has diarrhea...not in the sense of dropping shit....but in the sense of dropping shit that is the shit.

Skeem has released his first full fledged project, "I'm Onli Kiddin' Vol.1" which is a mixtape....First and foremost, Skeem would like you to know, he doesn't wanna get famous off of his music. That's cool, nevertheless, he still makes good music.

The tracklist doesn't come in any particular order as far as I know. I'ma give it you the way it appears on my iPod. Let's go...

  1. Fuq'd Up
  2. How I Do ft. Skeem Da General(Relly Boi's song)
  3. In Da Nati (Beamer, Benz or Bentley)
  4. Intro
  5. Kidding
  6. Letters To The Heavens
  7. Lovers
  8. Never Losing
  9. No Hooks
  10. Outro
  11. Pain (MY FAVORITE SONG!!!)
  12. Watch Me
  13. Watch Out
I can't really drop anything specific about it, cuz I haven't had the chance to hear it all....but that doesn't stop you.


--midas is being made proud....Les Miserables is probably done--

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