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It seems Third World and company have been going uber "ham" this week with the music. It's astonishing. What's dope about this mixtape, it streams seamlessly, seemingly, without annoying DJ drops...as opposed to his previous mixtape, Underestimated. 

What to expect....

  1. Heart Break Time(A phoned in intro)
  2. Heart Break (Drake "Over")
  3. New Kid (Lil Wayne/Drake "Ransom")
  4. Relly Don't (Yo Gotti/Lil Wayne "Women Lie, Men Lie")
  5. Go Stupid ft. Yung B and Yung Money (Waka Flocka Flame "Let's Do It")
  6. She Walk Bad ft. Young Payne (Produced by Young Payne)
  7. Big Vern Talks (Cliche mixtape thing to do)
  8. Pussy Boy (Ha!)
  9. How I Do ft. Skeem Da General and Young Haz (Produced by Young Payne)
  10. Damon Dash (The smash single)
  11. Drop It
  12. Relly Get The Money (Produced by Young Payne)
  13. Relly Boi Talk (More cliche)
  14. You And Me
  15. Relly Crack (Young Money "Roger That")
  16. Roll Up ft. Yung B (Travis Porter "All The Way Turnt Up")
  17. Why You Gotta Bite? (50 Cent...honestly I can't think of the name of it)
  18. Get Real Low
  19. Zone 15 Rider
  20. Welcome To Da Nati
  21. F Da World (Lil Wayne "Drop The World")
Gone get it, niggas...and bitches.

How's Midas doing. Working on The Wettening 2, 3, and 4.....wow. I'm "going in" on 4. Trust that.

Oh, here's the link again. GET THAT RELLY!!!

--midas is still living--

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