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I've been grinding, in case you haven't read that enough...but as I put out more songs, so do these others cats. Trip through my iPod and see what's poppin' in my mind.

Lil Wayne, he's sitting on 696 songs on my iPod.......I probably only know about 25 of them.

Clad in his Paddington Bear hat, Gucci Mane is tying with Weezy with 696 songs as well....I probably know about 11 of his songs off rip.

Charles Hamilton, after dropping 6 mixtapes at once not long ago, he has 345 songs on my iPod....I probably know 20 of his tracks off rip.

Wiz Khalifa has 216 songs on the 'Pod....which is weird, cuz I had NO idea who he was until LATE last summer....I still haven't gone into his catalog, so I only know like 5 of his songs for real.

Midas Welle himself just cracked 100 songs yesterday. That's three months worth of work. Wayne has been out since he was 12? Gucci has been out 5 years? Hamilton popped outta nowhere in 06ish? Khalifa came out in 06ish? I'm sitting on a C-Note....I'd be worried........I'm kidding...............but for real though.

--midas is well on his way--

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