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So, I was chillin' Saturday night, and hit up Seth Boogie's high school friend, DJ Mr.Rodgers...he uploaded a beat to his Soundclick. I liked it, and ask if he would send some beats....he followed through, I dedicated two days to it, and this is what happened.

Mr.Rodgers produced it's the run down.

  1. Twilight--Intro, coming out hard.
  2. Team Bella--Sappy rapping, kinda heartfelt.
  3. Team Edward--The tale of a vampire who awaited the resurrection of his girlfriend.
  4. New Moon--My favorite.
  5. Team Jacob--Beasting.
  6. Eclipse--My other favorite.
  7. Breaking Dawn--Lyrics are three years old.
  8. The Second Life of Bree Tanner--I wrote it months ago.
To those who don't know, Stephanie Meyer is chick who wrote The Twilight Saga....The beats had a dark tone, so it made me think about vampires and such....I attempted to be different while being the same on this project....I can't stop listening to it.

I might be on boycott from Google and Mediafire....Google deleted my post that advertised my "Music For Dummies" project, and Mediafire took it upon itself to delete the project from my if you have been trying to download it, I can still listen to EVERYTHING I have uploaded for you thus far...thinking on the bright side.

Got a show with M.O, Skeem, Ace, Fauste and Average Joe tomorrow....ill-prepared...but we'll see.

--midas is busy--

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