Deal Or No Deal

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I'm bored. I'm ambitious.

I came up with an idea. I'm just gonna juke the middle man and do what I wanna.

I decided I'm going to send a demo to multiple labels. I've never encountered a person who doesn't feel the music I make, so I'm going to ride that positive feed back to a record contract.......Who am I looking at?

Well, the first was the biggest, most hyped up label....Roc Nation.......but they don't release contact info....that's an exclusive club......maybe the mean time...

Welp, that's the only one I care about....who better to turn to for making Hip-Hop????

I was thinking about just burning EVERY single song I did onto a DVD and telling them, "Aye, check me out, get lost in my sound.".....then I thought, they get a million muthafuckas with decent songs looking for a dealio and I'd get lost in the stack of CD's. I don't want that to happen, so I'm thinking of putting a few original songs on it, and maybe 2 Wettening joints.

Potential list:
  • Storm Out(From Les Miserables)
  • When Nature Calls(From Music For Dummies)
  • The One He Campaigned On(Dead Presidents II--Wettening 4)
  • The One He Shed Light On(Where I'm From--Wettening 5)
Nothing's final....but I'm trying to make it. It's getting cold. I'm broke as fuck, and I refuse to work a 9 to 5. That's not me, and EVERYBODY knows that.

I'm HUNGRY!!!! I just hope those suits will listen and approve my shit. That would be so fucking cool.

Just to say, I ain't have to meet somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody. To just get a deal by sending a demo...and THEY LOVED IT!!! I'd love it!!!

If you didn't think I was dead ass, he's proof I am.

I may need a job, cuz odds are stamps are gonna cost....but I feel Def Jam is gonna work..why?

Cuz this is where life has guided me. I feel it. What up, Rick Rubin? What up, Simmons? I'ma be there. I George Foreman....if you remember his Meineke commercials....

--midas is outta here, baby--

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