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In case you've completely forgotten, or are just plain new to Midas Welle....I'm the what I do....true shit. Trip with me so you know what to expect.

The Wettening 2: Man On Neptune....a project I sorta foresaw after The Battalion. I used nothing but beats produced by The Neptunes. I whole bunch of sappy love songs, some street shit, some hot spitter shit...the usual....dope shit. I like it...some of it...some songs I don't wanna be reminded of....but I'm gonna put them out so that niggas and negrettes know that I can be butt too. This is DONE!

The Wettening 3: The Spear Mint(Experiment)...I used "bubblegum rap" beats....not all are considered bubblegum beats, but they are singles for the most part. I spit, do some renditions as usual, doing my thang. I like my "Swag Surfin'". This is 2 songs from completion at the moment.

The Wettening 4:Shadow...the first one that I actually took the picture...these are Backgammon pieces I placed on the floor creating the Roman numeral 4. This is semi-dedicated to my of my biggest influences for music. The rise of my delivery as well as my lyricism. This is DONE!!

The Wettening 5: Victorious Loser....The Roman numeral 5 is V, V is for victory...but since I'm not anywhere with all these hot ass verses, I am a loser. The picture is of me in HTC doing my impression of an Anime pose...they always have their eyes closed and throw up peace for some reason. This has 7 songs on it.

Clad with an ugly ass picture of myself, DeeJay Big Mick Presents...The Green Party...SUPER has 3 songs on it...and that may be where it gets left at.

Stereo Symphony Presents...A Dollar And A Dream....5 songs on it...but they sent more beats, so it's technically not done.

On the off chance you remember 20-X...STOP REMEMBERING...where is my Men In Black memory-wiping-flashy-thingy? I'm going to put up the two songs I had for it..eventually. 

That's what, two or three months, 6-7 projects. Your boy went ham......and turkey. I DO THIS SHIT!!!!

I'm out. Wait for me.

--midas heard something out back..if it's a, God bless...--

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